Statement Calling for Civil Dialogue


The International Reading Association is a professional organization dedicated to language study, excellent reading instruction, and the acquisition of high levels of reading achievement for all. In light of public and highly inflammatory comments made by representatives of the U.S. government and by others, a call for civil dialogue is needed. Therefore, the Board of Directors of the International Reading Association wishes to make it clear that it condemns all forms of language in the public dialogue that could be characterized as inflammatory, derogatory, degrading, insulting, demeaning, or advocating violence in any form. The Board believes that all professionals and officials involved in education have a responsibility to engage in a civil, professional, and productive discourse.

In order to make this position clear the Board has approved the following statement:

A civil, courteous, and professional public dialogue in support of strengthening education and improving student achievement is essential. The use of abusive language and violent metaphors by U.S. government officials and by education professionals alike is unacceptable, unprofessional, and unproductive. A civil dialogue is needed, and it must be the basis for a better understanding of how to provide excellent reading instruction that leads to high achievement for all the students and communities we serve.


For additional information on positions or policies of the International Reading Association, contact the Public Information Office.

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