Standards 2010: Middle and High School Reading Classroom Teacher

A Middle and High School Reading Classroom Teacher is a professional responsible for teaching reading at the middle or high school level for all or part of the day. Reading classroom teachers are responsible for teaching one or more reading classes and might have multiple responsibilities, such as teaching reading to students who would benefit from such instruction (e.g., increasing vocabulary and learning general study skills). Another responsibility would be to assess students to determine their reading needs and strengths. These professionals collaborate with reading specialists and other professionals to improve instruction and to modify the physical and social environments as needed.

For certification, a Middle and High School Reading Classroom Teacher Candidate must have the following:

  • An undergraduate or graduate degree that includes a major in a specific discipline
  • Additional reading and reading-related courses, typically 12–15 undergraduate or graduate credits, including adolescent literacy and teaching reading and writing in the content areas.

Matrix of Professional Role by Standards

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