Standards 2010: Teacher Educator

A Teacher Educator is a professional who provides reading teacher preparation to individuals seeking teaching credentials at the undergraduate and graduate levels and candidates seeking advanced graduate credentials in reading. Teacher Educators have a number of other responsibilities as well, such as participating in scholarly activities, including creative works and research studies, and forging university–school partnerships with other education agencies to promote the advancement of literacy. These educators may be responsible for developing programs for preparing reading professionals, including the development of course work and field site experiences, and coordinating or leading such programs. They may also be responsible for supervising and mentoring teacher candidates in the field. These professionals identify and use as role models those classroom teachers who demonstrate exemplary use of instruction, physical arrangements, positive social environments, routines, and grouping practices.

For certification, a Teacher Educator Candidate must have the following:

  • A minimum of three years of teaching experience, including the teaching of reading
  • A doctorate or exceptional expertise in teaching reading, a license in the fields he or she teaches or supervises, and a record of demonstrated excellence in the teaching of reading
Matrix of Professional Role by Standards

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