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Global Operations Brochure

Global Operations works to enhance the professional development and institutional capacity of literacy educators while developing and implementing sustainable partnership programs worldwide. As a membership organization, IRA offers a unique model that brings together key elements of successful programs:

  • a strong network of grassroots educators
  • an exceptional corps of first-rate expert literacy volunteers
  • an unmatched reservoir of research-based instructional resources

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A Practical Guide to Action Research for Literacy Educators

In celebration of International Literacy Day 2012, Global Literacy Professional Development Network and IRA's Global Operations Unit released A Practical Guide to Action Research for Literacy Educators. Written by Glenda Nugent, Sakil Malik, and Sandra Hollingsworth, the guide provides valuable information and practical tips for educators in any setting who are interested in improving their practice by using Action Research.

"The timing for the publication of this guidebook could not be better," writes Luis Crouch of Global Partnership for Education in the foreword. With an ever-increasing global emphasis on accountability, the guidebook offers ideas for improving educational practices through Action Research and supporting successful student literacy outcomes.

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Join IRA's new project: How Does the World Read?

We invite you to participate in the International Reading Association's project, How Does the World Read? One of our goals is to create a database through which teachers could connect into classrooms around the world to develop a universal understanding of how students are taught literacy in a global society. To better, understand the project, please read the President's Column, "How does the world read?" in the August/September 2010 Reading Today.

How Does the World Read form for permission to use photos and video clips.


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