Using Children's Literature in Preschool to Develop Comprehension

Understanding and Enjoying Books
Second Edition

Lesley Mandel Morrow, Elizabeth Freitag, and Linda B. Gambrell

Reading aloud to young children is a critical aspect of their social, emotional, and intellectual development. When a teacher shares high-quality children’s literature, preschoolers are exposed to much more than simply an oral rendition of a storybook. By listening to the rich language of books, preschoolers learn that books have meaning and begin to discover how that meaning relates to their lives.

In this second edition of Using Children's Literature in Preschool to Develop Comprehension, authors Lesley Morrow, Elizabeth Freitag, and Linda Gambrell demonstrate the value of using children's literature in preschool and offer practical methods for helping young children enjoy literature and draw information from books. Fully revised and updated chapters show you how to

  • Design a classroom literacy center
  • Effectively read and tell stories to children
  • Engage preschoolers as storytellers
  • Help preschoolers comprehend stories and understand concepts of books
  • Integrate children's literature and comprehension into thematic and content area instruction
  • Strengthen the home–school connection with activities that you can share with parents

New to this edition are ideas for storytelling and fostering comprehension, as well as updated booklists and ideas for professional development. Plus, new appendixes offer additional practical tools to help you create a rich literature environment in your preschool.

© 2009 | 144 pp.
ISBN 13: 978-0-87207-474-3

Using Children's Literature in Preschool to Develop Comprehension

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