Reading and Writing With Understanding

Comprehension in Fourth and Fifth Grades

Sally Hampton and Lauren B. Resnick

Supplementary White Papers

Part of the influential New Standards project, Reading and Writing With Understanding is informed by the best thinking of a committee of distinguished educators, several of whom offer white papers that describe their work. Click on a name to download a PDF.

Diane August
Kathryn Bomer
Lucy Calkins
Courtney B. Cazden
   (writing with Sarah Michaels)
Phil Daro
Michele W. De Bellis
Janice Dole
Susana Dutro
   (writing with Carrol Moran)
Lily Wong Fillmore
John T. Guthrie
   (writing with Ana Taboada)

Georgia Heard
Phyllis Hunter
George Kamberelis
Walter Kintsch
Margaret G. McKeown
Mary McMackin
Sandra Murphy
Martin Nystrand
P. David Pearson
Edgar H. Schuster
Lillie Sipp
Catherine E. Snow
   (writing with Young-Suk Kim)
Joan Stewart
Dorothy Strickland

Also available are white papers from Sally Hampton and Laurie Henry.

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Supplementary white
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