Reading and Writing Grade by Grade

Revised Edition

Lauren B. Resnick and Sally Hampton

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An indispensable tool for analyzing literacy skills and setting specific targets for learning for your kindergartners through third graders. You’ll discover what abilities and understandings K–3 students can be expected to have about the print–sound code, comprehension, reading and writing habits, written genres, and language use and conventions.

Along with thoughtful commentary and suggestions for instruction, the book and companion DVD include dozens of examples of children's writing, samples of oral reading, and videos of children discussing books and following written directions. Drawn from real classrooms, these work samples show just what makes for competent performance in kindergarten through third grade.

Part of the New Standards project that has influenced teaching and learning standards across the United States, Reading and Writing Grade by Grade is informed by the best thinking of a committee of distinguished educators:

Marilyn Jager Adams
Rosalinda B. Barrera
Lucy Calkins
Courtney B. Cazden
Phil Daro
Barbara R. Foorman
Mary Ellen Giacobbe
Angela M. Jaggar
P. David Pearson
Charles Perfetti
Gay Su Pinnell
Susan (Fitzgerald) Powell
Dorothy S. Strickland
Elizabeth Sulzby
Sharon Taberski
William Teale
Josefina Tinajero
Maria Utevsky
Gordon Wells

Revised edition | © 2009 | 264 pp.
ISBN 13: 978-0-87207-768-3

Reading and Writing Grade by Grade

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