Handbook of Reading Research

Volume IV

Michael L. Kamil, P. David Pearson, Elizabeth Birr Moje, and Peter P. Afflerbach, editors

Volume IV follows in the field-leading tradition of its predecessors, bringing you an up-to-date, comprehensive collection of reading research. The editors have extensively reviewed reading research literature over the past 10 years, across a wide array of research and practitioner-based journals and books, to identify the major themes and topics of our time.

Centering on reading research in a changing era, this volume brings you the best of the best on

  • Conduct of reading research
  • Development of reading
  • Process of reading
  • Teaching and learning of reading
  • Contexts of reading

This is a must-have addition to your research library. When taken as a set, the four volumes of the Handbook of Reading Research provide a definitive history.

© 2011 | 712 pp. | IRA stock no. 9203
Published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group

Handbook of Reading Research, Volume IV

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