American Reading Instruction

Special Edition

Nila Banton Smith

Richard D. Robinson

Preface to the Original Edition
Nila Banton Smith

Chapter One
The Beginnings of Reading Instruction

Abstract Chapter Two
PDF The Period of Religious Emphasis in Reading Instruction

Chapter Three
The Period of Naturalistic-Moralistic Emphasis in Reading Instruction

Chapter Four
The Period of Emphasis on Education for Intelligent Citizenship

Chapter Five
The Period of Emphasis on Reading as a Cultural Asset

Chapter Six
The Period of Emphasis on Scientific Investigations in Reading

Chapter Seven
The Period of Intensive Research and Application

Chapter Eight
The Period of International Conflict

Chapter Nine
The Period of Expanding Knowledge and Technological Revolution

In Retrospect


Selected Bibliography

Norman A. Stahl

American Reading Instruction Since 1967
P. David Pearson

Annotated Bibliography of Historical References in Reading
Richard D. Robinson, Jennifer Wilson

Biography: Nila Banton Smith, 1889–1976


American Reading Instruction

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