One Classroom, Many Learners

Best Literacy Practices for Today's Multilingual Classrooms

Julie Coppola and Elizabeth V. Primas, editors

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Section One: Language, Literacy, and Learning in Elementary Classrooms

Chapter 1
Word Study Assessment and Instruction With ELLs in a Second-Grade Classroom: Bending With Students' Growth
Donald R. Bear, Lori A. Helman, Linda Woessner

Chapter 2
Connecting Language and Literacy Development in Elementary Classrooms
Youb Kim, P. David Pearson, Meredith McLellan, Andrea McPherson-Rumsey, Zachary A. Konett

Chapter 3
Children's Literature in Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Classrooms
Nancy Roser, Jennifer Battle, Melody Patterson Zoch

Abstract Chapter 4
PDF Creating Opportunities for "Grand Conversations" Among ELLs With Literature Circles
Gisela Ernst-Slavit, Catherine Carrison, Jan Spiesman-Laughlin

Section Two: Language, Literacy, and Learning in Middle and Secondary School Classrooms

Chapter 5
Implementing Scaffolded Reading Experiences in Diverse Classrooms
Michael F. Graves, Jill Fitzgerald

Chapter 6
Developing Language and Literacy in Science: Differentiated and Integrated Instruction for ELLs
Fay Shin, Robert Rueda, Christyn Simpkins, Hyo Jin Lim

Chapter 7
Organizing Classroom Instruction That Supports ELLs: Promoting Student Engagement and Oral Language Development
Julie Nora, Julie E. Wollman

Chapter 8
Supporting the Writing Development of High School ELLs With Guided Writing: Success Stories From One Classroom
Kathleen A.J. Mohr, Eric S. Mohr

Section Three: Improving Teaching and Learning in Multilingual Classrooms

Chapter 9
Collaborating With "Hard-to-Reach" Parents in an ELL Population: One Teacher's Exploration
Trini Lewis, Esmeralda Ramos

Chapter 10
My Language, My Culture: Helping Teachers Connect Home and School for English Literacy Learning
Patricia Ruggiano Schmidt, Brenda Gangemi, Grete O. Kelsey, Charles LaBarbera, Sharlene McKenzie, Carol Melchior, Barbara Merrick, Roseann Sunser, Meg Williams

Chapter 11
Preparing Middle and Secondary School Teachers to Teach Reading, Language, and Content: A Look at Professional Development Programs
Margarita Calderón, Russell Wasden

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One Classroom, Many Learners

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