Literacy and Learning Lessons From a Longtime Teacher

Regie Routman


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Lesson 1
It's all about relationships

Lesson 2
Acknowledge our colleagues

Lesson 3
Infuse purpose and authenticity into all we do

Lesson 4
Create a beautiful and meaningful environment

Lesson 5
Ensure that the heart and mind go together

Lesson 6
Ask more vital questions

Lesson 7
Build a strong foundation

Lesson 8
Apply an optimal learning model

Lesson 9
Read professionally

Lesson 10
Plan with the end in mind

Lesson 11
Do more demonstrations

Lesson 12
Bond with our students and colleagues

Lesson 13
Instill determination to learn

Lesson 14
Provide more choice within structure

Lesson 15
Aim to develop self-determining learners

Lesson 16
Teach rereading

Lesson 17
Share our best ideas

Lesson 18
Put guided reading in perspective

Lesson 19
Examine our management focus

Lesson 20
Seek to do better

Lesson 21
Become an active listener

Lesson 22
Reward persistence

Lesson 23
Focus on the writer first and the writing second

Lesson 24
Expect more

Lesson 25
Read aloud every day

Lesson 26
Treat all members of the school community respectfully

Lesson 27
Connect writing with reading

Lesson 28
Celebrate learners' strengths

Lesson 29
Be a reader

Lesson 30
Implement standards thoughtfully

Lesson 31
Make certain students are engaged, not just on-task

Lesson 32
Integrate word study across the curriculum

Lesson 33
Imagine the possibilities

Lesson 34
Observe an excellent kindergarten teacher

Lesson 35
Take time to reflect

Lesson 36
Form unlikely friendships

Lesson 37
Recognize that all learners have special needs

Lesson 38
Choose and use excellent texts

Lesson 39
Make no assumptions

Lesson 40
Support English-language learners

Lesson 41
Create a need to know

Lesson 42
Enjoy teaching

Lesson 43
Write more short pieces

Lesson 44
Use technology judiciously

Lesson 45
Do more frontloading

Lesson 46
Acknowledge an unexpected hero

Lesson 47
Teach with a sense of urgency

AbstractLesson 48
PDFEmbrace public writing conferences

Lesson 49
Provide feedback that supports the learner

Lesson 50
Read and write more texts

Lesson 51
Focus on the essential ingredients

Lesson 52
Teach less, learn more

Lesson 53
Expect correct spelling and conventions

Lesson 54
Resist teaching to the test

Lesson 55
Remain hopeful

Lesson 56
Design and assign appropriate homework

Lesson 57
Share inspiring stories

Lesson 58
Eliminate distractions

Lesson 59
Teach handwriting

Lesson 60
Collaborate more

Lesson 61
Slow down to hurry up

Lesson 62
Use simple rubrics

Lesson 63
Expect change

Lesson 64
Apply whole-part-whole teaching

Lesson 65
Live an interesting life

Lesson 66
Put the language in their ears

Lesson 67
Aim for seamless teaching

Lesson 68
Nurture vocabulary development

Lesson 69
Rely on shared writing

Lesson 70
View celebration as teaching

Lesson 71
Establish a rich and relevant classroom library

Lesson 72
Reduce the need for intervention

Lesson 73
Tell the truth

Lesson 74
Ensure excellent first instruction for all students

Lesson 75
Make students less dependent on us

Lesson 76
Establish routines and rituals

Lesson 77
Be a leader as well as a team member

Lesson 78
Esteem every learner

Lesson 79
Use common sense

Lesson 80
Do more shared reading

AbstractLesson 81
PDFPut energy where results are most likely

Lesson 82
Promote significant conversations

Lesson 83
Develop shared beliefs

Lesson 84
Make professional development our priority

Lesson 85
Create access to complex texts

Lesson 86
Make parents our partners

Lesson 87
Assess as we teach

Lesson 88
Promote oral language development

Lesson 89
Advocate for saner practices

Lesson 90
Be efficient

Lesson 91
Depend on formative assessment

Lesson 92
Build stamina

Lesson 93
See our classrooms through students' eyes

Lesson 94
Know important literacy research

Lesson 95
Emphasize nonfiction—along with fiction

Lesson 96
Infuse the arts into teaching and learning

Lesson 97
Do more student-directed, small-group work

Lesson 98
Rely on one-on-one reading conferences

Lesson 99
Promote more opportunities for speaking

Lesson 100
Teach students, not standards



Literacy and Learning Lessons From a Longtime Teacher

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