Comprehension Shouldn't Be Silent

From Strategy Instruction to Student Independence

Michelle J. Kelley and Nicki Clausen-Grace
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Use the teaching ideas in this rich resource to improve your students' reading comprehension. By nurturing meaningful talk about reading and learning, you can monitor and support students' metacognitive use of strategies such as predicting, making connections, questioning, visualizing, and summarizing. A comprehensive breakdown of the components of each strategy helps you support learners from the introduction of a strategy to students' independent use of it.

In these pages, you'll learn how to

  • Set up the first six weeks of school for optimal success in reading instruction
  • Promote conversations about books, specifically through literature circles, textbook circles, and R5—the authors' unique independent reading block
  • Address some of the common problems associated with independent reading, such as avoidance behaviors, fake reading, and inappropriate book selection
  • Make each cognitive strategy more accessible to students

Throughout each chapter you'll read classroom transcripts as well as student samples and quotes that show the deep learning that occurs. Strategy chapters present numerous activities, and the appendixes contain a matrix that shows what activities can be used to teach each strategy, as well as numerous reproducible forms and graphic organizers.

© 2007 | 248 pp.
ISBN 13: 978-0-87207-620-4

Comprehension Shouldn't Be Silent

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