Adolescent Literacy, Field Tested

Effective Solutions for Every Classroom

Sheri R. Parris, Douglas Fisher, and Kathy Headley, editors

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Vocabulary Instruction: A Critical Component for Skillful Reading
Janet C. Richards & Cynthia A. Lassonde

Part I: Literacy Instruction in the Secondary Classroom

  • Chapter 1
    The Landscape of Adolescent Literacy
    Vicki A. Jacobs

  • Chapter 2
    Writing Instruction in the Secondary Classroom: Surviving School Reform
    Jay Simmons

  • Chapter 3
    Reading Comprehension Across the Disciplines: Commonalities and Content Challenges
    Donna Ogle

  • Chapter 4
    Supporting Cumulative Knowledge Building Through Reading
    Eileen Kintsch, Sally Hampton

  • Chapter 5
    Vocabulary Instruction in the Secondary Classroom
    Karen Bromley

  • Chapter 6
    Productive Group Work in Middle and High School Classrooms
    Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, Aida Allen

  • Chapter 7
    New Literacies in the Secondary Classroom
    Kelly Chandler-Olcott

  • Chapter 8
    Best Literacy Practices for Secondary English Language Arts Classrooms
    Pamela Sissi Carroll, Rachel De Luise, Tiffany Howard

  • Chapter 9
    Content Area Literacy in Mathematics and Science Classrooms
    Roni Jo Draper, Daniel Siebert

  • Chapter 10
    Adolescent Literacy Assessment: Finding Out What You Need to Know
    Faye Brownlie

Part II: Literacy Instruction With Special Populations

  • Chapter 11
    Literacy Interventions for Adolescent Struggling Readers
    Michael F. Hock, Irma F. Brasseur-Hock

  • Chapter 12
    Helping Struggling Secondary Students Make Connections to Literature
    Joan F. Kaywell

  • Chapter 13
    Successful Teachers Share Advice for Motivating Reluctant Adolescents
    Cheryl Taliaferro, Sheri R. Parris

  • Chapter 14
    English-Language Learners in the Secondary Classroom
    Carol Rothenberg

  • Chapter 15
    Improving the Reading Skills of African American Secondary Students: What Teachers Can Do
    Gail L. Thompson

Part III: On The Front Line: Teachers, Classrooms, and Schools

  • Chapter 16
    A Diploma That Matters: Schoolwide Efforts to Improve High School Teaching and Learning
    Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, Maria Grant

  • Chapter 17
    Center of Excellence for Adolescent Literacy and Learning
    Kathy Headley, Victoria Gillis

  • Chapter 18
    Successful Secondary Teachers Share Their Most Effective Teaching Practices
    Sheri R. Parris, Cheryl Taliaferro

  • Chapter 19
    Mentoring Literacy Practices in Academic Disciplines
    Doug Buehl

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Adolescent Literacy, Field Tested

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