In a Reading State of Mind

Brain Research, Teacher Modeling, and Comprehension Instruction

Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Diane Lapp

About the Authors

Abstract Chapter 1
PDF If You Show Me How, I Can Learn to Do It: The Role of Modeling

Chapter 2
Why History, the Brain, and Teachers Support Modeling

Chapter 3
Comprehension: Building on Background, Motivation, and Knowledge to Increase Understanding

Chapter 4
Word Solving: A Critical Component of Vocabulary Learning

Chapter 5
Text Structures: Guidance for Readers That Facilitates Memory

Chapter 6
Text Features: Visual and Linguistics Guidepost

Chapter 7
Through Others, We Become Ourselves: Learning With Our Colleagues

Appendix A
Modeling Using Wolf Rider by Avi (1986)

Appendix B
Think-Aloud Record of Narrative or Informational Text

Appendix C
Glossary of Neurosciences Terminology



In a Reading State of Mind

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