Essential Readings on Vocabulary Instruction

Michael F. Graves, editor

Michael F. Graves

Word Wizards All! Teaching Word Meanings in Preschool and Primary Education
Steven A. Stahl, Katherine A. Dougherty Stahl

Teaching Vocabulary: Early, Direct, and Sequential
Andrew Biemiller

Text Talk: Capturing the Benefits of Read-Aloud Experiences for Young Children
Isabel L. Beck, Margaret G. McKeown

Vocabulary Visits: Virtual Field Trips for Content Vocabulary Development
Camille L.Z. Blachowicz, Connie Obrochta

"Extraordinary," "Tremendous," "Exhilarating," "Magnificent": Middle School At-Risk Students Become Avid Word Learners With the Vocabulary Self-Collection Strategy (VSS)
Martha Rapp Ruddell, Brenda A. Shearer

Words Are Learned Incrementally Over Multiple Exposures
Steven A. Stahl

Words Are Wonderful: Interactive, Time-Efficient Strategies to Teach Meaning Vocabulary
Margaret Ann Richek

Teaching Elementary Students to Use Word-Part Clues
Thomas G. White, Joanne Sowell, Alice Yanagihara

Breaking Down Words to Build Meaning: Morphology, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension in the Urban Classroom
Michael J. Kieffer, Nonie K. Lesaux

Developing Word Consciousness
Judith A. Scott, William E. Nagy

For the Love of Words: Fostering Word Consciousness in Young Readers
Michael F. Graves, Susan Watts-Taffe

English Words Needed: Creating Research-Based Vocabulary Instruction for English Learners
Lori Helman

Teaching Vocabulary Through Text and Experience in Content Areas
Marco A. Bravo, Gina N. Cervetti

"Bumping Into Spicy, Tasty Words That Catch Your Tongue": A Formative Experiment on Vocabulary Instruction
James F. Baumann, Donna Ware, Elizabeth Carr Edwards

Essential Readings on Vocabulary Instruction

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