Essential Readings on Comprehension

Diane Lapp and Douglas Fisher, editors

Diane Lapp, Douglas Fisher

QAR: Enhancing Comprehension and Test Taking Across Grades and Content Areas
Taffy E. Raphael, Kathryn H. Au

Expansion Modules for the ReQuest, CAT, GRP, REAP Reading/Study Procedures
Anthony V. Manzo

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Using Visual Images to Improve Comprehension for Middle School Struggling Readers
Anne Nielsen Hibbing, Joan L. Rankin-Erickson

Getting the Big Idea: A Neglected Goal for Reading Comprehension
Sean A. Walmsley

Teaching Summarization as a Content Area Reading Strategy
Rosalie Friend

Teaching Expository Text Structure Awareness
Susan Dymock

Guidelines for Implementing a Graphic Organizer
Donna M. Merkley, Debra Jefferies

Shared Readings: Modeling Comprehension, Vocabulary, Text Structures, and Text Features for Older Readers
Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, Diane Lapp

"You Can Read This Text—I'll Show You How": Interactive Comprehension Instruction
Diane Lapp, Douglas Fisher, Maria Grant

Interactive Teaching to Promote Independent Learning From Text
Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar, Ann L. Brown

Using Writing to Enhance Content Area Learning in the Primary Grades
Evelyn T. Cudd, Leslie Roberts

We Learn What We Do: Developing a Repertoire of Writing Practices in an Instant Messaging World
Gloria E. Jacobs

Recentering the Middle School Classroom as a Vibrant Learning Community: Students, Literacy, and Technology Intersect
Dana L. Grisham, Thomas D. Wolsey

Reading Literature, Reading Text, Reading the Internet: The Times They Are a'Changing
Linda B. Gambrell

Constructing Anne Frank: Critical Literacy and the Holocaust in Eighth-Grade English
Karen Spector, Stephanie Jones

Further Reading on Selected Topics

Essential Readings on Comprehension

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