Essential Readings on Fluency

Timothy V. Rasinski, editor

Timothy V. Rasinski

Fluency: The Neglected Reading Goal
Richard L. Allington

Fluency for Everyone: Incorporating Fluency in the Classroom
Timothy V. Rasinski

The Method of Repeated Readings
S. Jay Samuels

Paired Repeated Reading: A Classroom Strategy for Developing Fluent Reading
Patricia S. Koskinen

Paired Reading: A Powerful Technique for Parent Use
Keith Topping

The Akron Paired Reading Project
Timothy V. Rasinski, Anthony D. Fredericks

An Experimental Approach to the Impress Method of Teaching Reading
Paul M. Hollingsworth

Teaching Reading With Talking Books
Marie Carbo

"I Never Thought I Could Be a Star": A Readers Theatre Ticket to Fluency
Miriam Martinez, Nancy L. Roser, Susan Strecker

A Focus on Fluency: How One Teacher Incorporated Fluency With Her Reading Curriculum
Lorraine Wiebe Griffith, Timothy V. Rasinski

"I Thought About It All Night": Readers Theatre for Reading Fluency and Motivation
Jo Worthy, Kathryn Prater

Building Fluency, Word-Recognition Ability, and Confidence in Struggling Readers: The Poetry Academy
Lori G. Wilfong

Scaffolded Silent Reading: A Complement to Guided Repeated Oral Reading That Works!
D. Ray Reutzel, Cindy D. Jones, Parker C. Fawson, John A. Smith

Oral Reading Fluency Norms: A Valuable Assessment Tool for Reading Teachers
Jan Hasbrouck, Gerald A. Tindal

Speed Does Matter in Reading
Timothy V. Rasinski

Reading Fluency Instruction: Moving Beyond Accuracy, Automaticity, and Prosody
Timothy V. Rasinski

Essential Readings on Fluency

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