Essential Readings on Motivation

Jacquelynn A. Malloy, Barbara A. Marinak, and Linda B. Gambrell, editors

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We Hope You Dance: Creating a Community of Literate Souls
Jacquelynn A. Malloy, Barbara A. Marinak, Linda B. Gambrell

Section One: Foundations of Motivation and Engagement

Children's Motivations for Reading and Reading Engagement
Allan Wigfield

Is There a Bidirectional Relationship Between Children's Reading Skills and Reading Motivation?
Paul L. Morgan, Douglas Fuchs

What Teachers Can Learn About Reading Motivation Through Conversations With Children
Kathryn M. Edmunds, Kathryn L. Bauserman

Section Two: Crafting Instruction for Motivation and Engagement

Excellent Reading Teachers

Intrinsic Motivation and Rewards: What Sustains Young Children's Engagement With Text?
Barbara A. Marinak, Linda B. Gambrell

How Literacy Tasks Influence Children's Motivation for Literacy
Julianne Turner, Scott G. Paris

Engaging Middle Years Students: Literacy Projects That Matter
Mary Ryan

Teaching Comprehension Through Literature: A Teacher-Research Project to Develop Fifth Graders' Reading Strategies and Motivation
James F. Baumann, Helene Hooten, Patricia White

Growth of Literacy Engagement: Changes in Motivations and Strategies During Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction
John T. Guthrie, Peggy Van Meter, Ann Dacey McCann, Allan Wigfield, Lois Bennett, Carol C. Poundstone, Mary Ellen Rice, Frances M. Faibisch, Brian Hunt, Ann M. Mitchell

Section Three: Creating Contexts for Motivation and Engagement

Factors That Influence the Book Selection Process of Students With Special Needs
Mary Katherine (Swartz) Rettig, Cindy Gillespie Hendricks

What Motivates Students to Read? Four Literacy Personalities
Jill E. Cole

New Insights on Motivation in the Literacy Classroom
Jacquelynn A. Malloy, Linda B. Gambrell

Essential Readings on Motivation

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