Essential Readings on Struggling Learners

Richard L. Allington, editor

Richard L. Allington

Section 1: Assessing Readers and Programs

Behind Test Scores: What Struggling Readers Really Need
Sheila W. Valencia, Marsha Riddle Buly

A Critical Analysis of Eight Informal Reading Inventories
Nina L. Nilsson

Looking Inside Classrooms: Reflecting on the "How" as Well as the "What" in Effective Reading Instruction
Barbara M. Taylor, Debra S. Peterson, P. David Pearson, Michael C. Rodriguez

A Whole-Class Support Model for Early Literacy: The Anna Plan
Pamela A. Miles, Kathy W. Stegle, Karen G. Hubbs, William A. Henk, Marla H. Mallette

A Road Map for Reading Specialists Entering Schools Without Exemplary Reading Programs: Seven Quick Lessons
Alfred W. Tatum

Section 2: Models for Planning Reading Instruction for Struggling Readers

How to Maintain School Reading Success: Five Recommendations From a Struggling Male Reader
Shawyn Jenkins

Building Schoolwide Capacity for Preventing Reading Failure
Jane Moore, Vickie Whitfield

Reading Intervention Models: Challenges of Classroom Support and Separated Instruction
Melissa M. Woodward, Carolyn Talbert-Johnson

Crossing Boundaries and Initiating Conversations About RTI: Understanding and Applying Differentiated Classroom Instruction
Doris Walker-Dalhouse, Victoria J. Risko, Cathy Esworthy, Ellen Grasley, Gina Kaisler, Dona McIlvain, Mary Stephan

Response to Intervention (RTI): What Teachers of Reading Need to Know
Eric M. Mesmer, Heidi Anne E. Mesmer

A Child's Response to Intervention Requires a Responsive Teacher of Reading
Mary K. Lose

The Benefits of Sustained Silent Reading: Scientific Research and Common Sense Converge
Elaine M. Garan, Glenn DeVoogd

Summer Reading Loss
Maryann Mraz, Timothy V. Rasinski

Section 3: Comprehension: The Reason for Reading

"She's My Best Reader; She Just Can't Comprehend": Studying the Relationship Between Fluency and Comprehension
Mary DeKonty Applegate, Anthony J. Applegate

What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Comprehension
Laura S. Pardo

How Important Is Reading Skill Fluency for Comprehension?
Jeffrey J. Walczyk, Diana A. Griffith-Ross

Thinking Aloud: Struggling Readers Often Require More Than a Model
Barbara J. Walker

Paraphrasing: An Effective Comprehension Strategy
Sharon B. Kletzien

Getting the Big Idea: A Neglected Goal for Reading Comprehension
Sean A. Walmsley

Scaffolding Students' Comprehension of Text
Kathleen F. Clark, Michael F. Graves

Essential Readings on Struggling Learners

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