After Early Intervention, Then What?

Teaching Struggling Readers in Grades 3 and Beyond
Second Edition

Jeanne R. Paratore and Rachel L. McCormack, editors

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Jeanne R. Paratore, Rachel L. McCormack

Section 1: Opening the Lens: Building Foundations in Literacy for Struggling Readers

  • Chapter 1
    Reading Fluency Beyond the Primary Grades: Helping Make Difficult Texts Accessible
    Melanie R. Kuhn, Carolyn Groff, Lesley M. Morrow

  • Chapter 2
    Enter Laughing: Poetry and Diverse Learners
    Nancy Roser, Angie Zapata

  • Chapter 3
    "Getting Started in English": Teaching for Vocabulary Depth With Bilingual Learners
    C. Patrick Proctor

  • Chapter 4
    Research-Based Vocabulary Instruction: Recommendations for Struggling Readers
    Karen D. Wood, Janis M. Harmon, Brian Kissel, Wanda B. Hedrick

  • Chapter 5
    Grouping Routines and Instructional Practices That Mediate Difficult Text
    Rachel L. McCormack, Jeanne R. Paratore

Section 2: Focusing the Lens: Self-Monitoring and Comprehension for Struggling Readers

  • Chapter 6
    Accessible Comprehension Instruction Through Question–Answer Relationships
    Taffy E. Raphael, Kathryn H. Au

  • Chapter 7
    Supporting Students Who Struggle With Comprehension of Text: Using Literature Discussion Groups in Grades 3–6
    Shannon C. Henderson, Linda J. Dorn

  • Chapter 8
    Helping Students Understand Expository Text About History by Applying the Action Cycle Approach
    Robert W. Gaskins

  • Chapter 9
    Understanding and Scaffolding Students' Research Processes: Stories From the Classroom
    Joyce E. Many

  • Chapter 10
    Using Reading Guides With Struggling Readers in Grades 3 and Above
    Michael C. McKenna, Susan Franks, Gail E. Lovette

Section 3: Widening the Lens: School and District Policies, Initiatives, and Interventions for Struggling Readers

  • Chapter 11
    Under the Radar, Struggling to Be Noticed: Older At-Risk Students
    Anne McGill-Franzen, Jennifer Lubke

  • Chapter 12
    It's Never Too Late to Learn: Implementing RTI2 With Older Students
    Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, Diane Lapp

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After Early Intervention, Then What?

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