Certificate of Distinction for the 
Reading Preparation of Elementary and Secondary Teachers

This award is no longer available.

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Excellence honored in reading teacher preparation

IRA’s Certificate of Distinction program honors outstanding reading preparation of teachers. The Certificate of Distinction recognizes only distinguished programs that consistently prepare well–qualified reading teachers who know about and use evidence-based practices.

Every student deserves a highly qualified reading teacher

IRA developed a set of standards and a review process for the reading component of professional preparation programs for classroom teachers at both the elementary and secondary level.

The Certificate of Distinction can be used by program faculty to:

  • Promote ongoing program improvement
  • Secure resources to achieve excellence

Certificate of Distinction Award Recipients

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Eligibility and Evaluation

The Certificate of Distinction is for any graduate or undergraduate program that prepares individuals for initial licensure/certification as an elementary or secondary classroom teacher.

“Program” may refer to several different types of entities:

  • an entire elementary and/or secondary initial preparation program
  • a subprogram within an elementary or secondary preparation program
  • other clearly defined university entities to which the word “program” applies

In each case, IRA reviews the reading components and determines if the program is providing distinguished preparation in reading.

Program benefits

The Certificate of Distinction supports teacher education programs that improve the quality of reading instruction preparation.

  • Informed change happens as applicants complete the program evaluation and reflection process
  • Knowledge base expands when highly effective reading programs are recognized and documented
  • Best practices are shared, enriching all programs
  • Public recognition of programs that reach for and achieve excellence

Additional Information, please contact research@reading.org

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