Honor Council Program


The Honor Council Program annually recognizes local, student and special interest councils that organize and conduct well-rounded programs serving the council members, the community, the state/provincial council, and the International Reading Association. Councils are being recognized for accomplishments of the previous year (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014).


In order to qualify for Honor Council status, the council must be in good standing according to IRA Bylaws. Specifically, the council must demonstrate that (a) all reported council officers are members of the International Reading Association, and (b) at least 10 council members are also members of the International Reading Association. Council officers for the year may be counted in this total.


All documentation must be sent electronically to IRA Headquarters by November 26, 2014. Only completed submissions can be accepted. Councils are encouraged to complete their applications prior to the due date, if possible.


IRA Local and Special Interest Councils participating in the Honor Council program must complete the appropriate number of required and additional items.

For additional information, contact Council Services.

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