IRA Helen M. Robinson Grant

The IRA Helen M. Robinson Grant is a US$1,200 award given annually to assist doctoral students at the early stages of their dissertation research in the area of reading and literacy. Applicants must be Association members.

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Award Recipients

Junko SakoiJunko Sakoi
University of Arizona, Tucson

"Children's Literary Responses and Teachers' Perspectives and Experiences with Graphic Forms of Texts"

Eric Claravall
San Francisco State University

Examining the Potential of the Teacher as Researcher Model in Developing Morphological Awareness Among Struggling Readers
Wilma Benitez-Rivera
Howard University

Efficacy of A2C Strategy for Improving Sentence Comprehension in English Language Learners
Angie Zapata
University of Texas at Austin

Teachers' Inquiry, Insights, and Instruction With Bilingual Children's Literature to Enhance Language Study
Susan Hart
University of Kentucky

Literacy Grows: Cultivating an Online Literacy Coaching Community
Christina Cassano
Boston University

Examining the relationship between vocabulary and phonological awareness in early childhood through multi-level growth models
Bridget A. Walsh
Denton, TX
Sarah E. Scott
University of Michigan

Understanding the knowledge demands of teaching reading comprehension: Mapping the terrain
Amy M. Vetter
University of Texas at Austin

Creating spaces: Negotiating identities through talk in urban high school English classrooms
Sheila Benson
University of Iowa, Iowa City

Engaging students in literacy: A multiliteracies orientation to literacy instruction
Nancy N. Charron
University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Talk at the terminal: The effect of an Internet pen pal program on fourth graders' written language development and attitudes toward writing
Kimberly H. Creamer
UNC–Chapel Hill

Teaching our children to read: A literacy history
Kalliopi Chliounaki
University of Oxford

The role of morphology in the development of spelling ability in Greek
—Not Given—
Amy E. Seely-Flint
University of California

The roles of intertextuality and stance: A study of meaning construction in a third grade classroom
—Not Given—
Barbara Boone Buescher
North Carolina State University

Reasoning operations and inference sources reflected in literary journals of seventh graders
Shelby Ann Wolf
Stanford University

Learning to act/acting to learn: Language and learning in the theatre of the classroom
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