IRA Steven A. Stahl Research Grant

This US$1,000 award, supported by Katherine Stahl, was established to honor the memory and work of Steven A. Stahl by encouraging and supporting promising graduate students in their research. This grant will be awarded annually to a recipient with at least three years of teaching experience who is conducting classroom research (including action research) focused on improving reading instruction and children's reading achievement.

Application Information

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Award Recipients

Carrie SymonsCarrie Symons
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

"Meaning-Making Across Genres With English Learners: A Functional Grammar Approach to Reading Comprehension in a Fourth-Grade Classroom"

Angela Williams
Virginia Tech

Proposal: "Using Students' Perceptions and the MUSIC Model of Academic Motivation to Improve Reading Motivation and Achievement in an Elementary Classroom"
Joe Stouffer
University of British Columbia

Proposal: "The Classroom Impact of Reading Recovery Training: Re-Situating and Examining Reading Recovery-Based Teacher Learning"
Lisa O'Brien
Boston University

Proposal: "The Role of Text in the Primary Grades: Supporting Young Children's Development of Conceptual Knowledge and Expository Text Comprehension"
Lama Farran
Georgia State University

Proposal: "The Relationship between Phonological Awareness, Morphological Awareness, Vocabulary, and Reading in English-Arabic Bilingual Children"
Annette Keane
New York

Proposal: "Doing What Needs Doing: How Culturally Responsive Teachers Integrate Tier 1 of an RTI Model into the General Education Literacy Program"
Dot McElhone
San Francisco, California

Proposal: "Conceptual Press Discourse in Reading Comprehension Instruction: Making Every Interaction Count"
Amy Alexandra Wilson
University of Georgia

Proposal: "Investigating Professional Development in Content-Area Literacy Instruction: A Case Study of One Middle School Team"
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