IRA Teacher as Researcher Grant

This grant supports classroom teachers who undertake action research inquiries about literacy and instruction. Grants will be awarded up to US$4,000, although priority will be given to smaller grants (e.g., $1,000 to $2,000) in order to provide support for as many teacher researchers as possible.

Application Information

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Award Recipients

Sandra Athans Denise Devine Sandra Athans
Bolivar Road Elementary School, Chittenango, NY

Denise Devine
Bolivar Road Elementary School, Chittenango, NY

"Redefining Balanced Literacy: Examining How to Meet Grade-Level Expectations Using Whole-Class Close Reading, Differentiated Groups, and Centers"
Marie Wright Jenifer Rohrberger Marie Wright
The River School, Washington, DC

Jenifer Rohrberger
The River School, Washington, DC

"Hearing Loss and Literature Connections: Comprehension Strategies to Aid Students with Hearing Loss in Forming Connections, Vocabulary, Writing"
Andrea Nobil Andrea Nobil
Eagle Point Elementary, Weston, FL

"Bilingual Bridges: Integrating a Second Language with CCSS ELA Standards in the Primary Grades"
Elin Anderson Elin Anderson
Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL

"How Does Integrated Science Literacy Instruction Impact Student Success in Problem-Based Learning"
Rachael Cooper
Jodene Morrell
"Using Multicultural Literature to Increase and Improve Diverse Urban Third Graders' Socioemotional Wellness, Cultural Awareness, and Writing"

Peta Gresham
"Pedagogy, Technology, and Creativity: Fostering Student Achievement in Senior English"

Michelle Gunderson
"Teachers' Approaches to Intervention Planning for Struggling Readers Using an RtI Framework"

Rawia Hayik
"Through Their Eyes: Israeli-Arab Students Speak Up Through Participatory Documentary Photography Projects"

Danielle Kachorsky
"Young Adult Literature as a Bridge to the Canon"
Claudia Fimpel
Shaun Eyre
"The Journey of a Paradigm Shift from Monolingual to Bilingual: Transferability of Literacy in Dual Language Programs"

Colleen Nelsen
"Increasing English Language Learner Dialogue: Using Literature Circles to Build Comprehension and Higher Order Thinking"

Amy Moore
"Leveling the Playing Field: Effects of Building Background Knowledge on Comprehension of Informational Texts for Students with Limited Prior Knowledge"

Elizabeth Edmondson
"Digital Natives, Libraries: Using eReaders & eBooks to Create Relevance for 21st Century Learners"

Lisa McCarter
"Implementing Common Core Thematic Units to Increase Instructional Rigor in the Kindergarten Classroom"
Victoria Dodd
"From Beowulf to Facebook: Student Perceptions of Traditional Language Arts & New Media Literacies"

Joanna Kaiser
Michele Cacioppo
"Instilling a Love of Books: Reaching for a Lifetime of Literacy Learning"

Erin Vaughn
Linnea Wolters
"The Effects of Students' Critical-Questioning Skills on Reading Comprehension and the Alignment of Teacher Instruction"
Eric Claravall
"The Role of Morphological Awareness in Developing Word Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension Among Students With Special Needs"

Jennifer Eason
"Differentiated World Study: New Means, Same Goal"

Jon Medders
"Metacognition and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: An Action Research Study Examining Use of MBSR as a Tool to Enhance Literacy Intervention"

Nakeiha Primus
"Listening In: Boys and Curriculum Meaning Making"

Gail Ritchie and Kristi Vaughan
"Working in the ZPD With Groups of 3—Leveled Literacy Intervention"
Sandra Athans
"In the Absence of Background Knowledge: New Directions in Comprehension Strategies to Aid Intermediate-Level Learners with Content-Area Literature"

Jennifer Fontenot
"Using a Controlled Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of a Systematic Graphic Organizer to Improve the Ability of Children in Writing Narratives"

Shandar Hobbs
"A Reading We Will Go! Building Critical Literacy Skills at Home with Book Bags"

Michelle Keith
"Analyses of Participation in a Scaffolded Summer Reading Program and Effects on Participants Performances on Standardized Reading Assessments"

Debbie Keitz
"Time for R&R (Reading and Relaxing): Addressing the Summer Learning Loss"

Lisa Thomas
"Developing Intercultural Understanding Through Literacy Engagements with International Children's Literature"
Donna Feldman
Rhonda Nixon
Cathy Noga
Lisa Paolone
Kimual Snow
Jennifer Swinehart-Dingrando
Janie Winn
Beverly S. Hill
Fluency Assessment for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students

Florence E. Williams
The Effects of a Multi-Sensory, Phonics Intervention on Struggling Readers

Mary R. Halcomb, Cheryl E. Doetch, and Kimberly G. Howland
Motivating Boys To Read: What Works for Struggling First and Third Grade Boys?

Bethany M. Rice
The Male Adolescent Reader: Connecting Independent Reading Practices and Comprehension Ability

Leslie E. Laud and Pooja Patel
Enhancing Teacher and Student Learning Through Action Research
Courtney M. Clayton
Exemplary Teachers of English Language Learners

Joan F. Dain
Tableaux and Freezing Text: Exploring a Unique Approach to Understanding Words, Scenes, and Ideas

Kerri A. Jackson
Improving Vocabularies in Pre-Readers through the Parent Involvement Library System

Angela D. Johns
Will Increasing the Amount of Time 6th Grade Students Spend Reading Non-fiction Materials Improve Reading Comprehension?

Trace M. Schillinger
Unquiet Pedagogy: Liberating the Voices of Girls

Sharon L. Sherman
Teaching Writing in New Times: A Research Inquiry Proposal
Amanda M. Grotting
Exploring Between the Lines: How Struggling Writers Experience Elementary Writing Instruction

Margaret R. Karl
1000 Pages: Closing the Reading Comprehension Gap with Outside Reading

Shari A. Roberts
Parents Reading Interactions with Their Children at Home and the Ways Those Interactions Impact Their Children's Literacy Learning

Amy A. Wilson
Case Study of a Middle School Reader Attending a Separate Reading Class
Erin L. Bohm
Teaching Life-long Writing in the Land of Accountability

Susan A. Courtney
Examining Effective Literacy Practices for English Language Learners in a Multiage Classroom

Julie H. Dermody
Building in What We Want Students to Build Upon—Supporting English Language Learner on the Developmental Reading Assessments

Jeffery D. Nokes
The Effects of Explicit Strategy Instruction on High School Students' Analysis of Multiple Texts
Catherine F. Compton-Lilly
Urban Families and Reading: Families' Concepts About Reading as Children Progress from Elementary to Middle School

Valerie R. Kirschenbaum
Improving Literacy Through Color and Design

Roberta D. Mantione and Tammy Stewart
An Artist's Life: Rethinking Writing Instruction Based on the Arts

Kathryn M. Pole
"Writing" in the Words of Young Writers
Lyndsay E. Moffatt
Gender Identity Investment and Reading

Ronnie Rathkopf-Birman
Individualized and Partnered Reading Workshop in the Classroom and Home

Jo Anne Wangsatorntanakhun
ESL Learners Using Literature Circles to Improve Critical Literacy in an International School Context

Stephanie L. Yates
Researching the Effectiveness of the RCDS (Reader, Coach, Director, Scribe) Literacy Strategy in the Middle School Classroom
Hollyanna Haskin Bates
Middle Level Readers and Genre: What Guides Their Choice

Tracy S. Hendrix
The Value of a Thoughtful Literacy Approach in Creating Relevant and Successful Reading Instruction for At-Risk Learners

Jolene T. Malavasic
Ingredients for Effective Academic Intervention

Joan M. Van Bramer
Student Background Experience and Understanding and Text Readability for Beginning Readers At-Risk
Sigrid K. Bomba
READ: Reading is Essential in All Disciplines

Catherine F. Compton-Lilly
Urban Families and Reading: Families' Concepts About Reading As Children Progress Through School

Yvonne W. Mhone
Writing Assessment in Kindergarten

Jeffrey W. Wood
Critical Literacy in the Primary Classroom
David Clickner
The Role of Collaborative Discussion Among Instructors

Shelly M. Bucci
From Letter Sounds to Reading Words: A Longitudinal Study of At-Risk Students From Kindergarten to Grade 2

K. Debra Kuzbik
Literature Links: An Integrated Curricula Research Project

Maureen Leydon
Narrative Construction: A Home/School Study

Sarah J. Lahr Fitzsimons
Family Book Discussion Group or "The Novel Club"

Sandy J. Palmer
Graphic Literacy: The Effects of a Graphically Literate Environment on Student Writing and the Ability to Communicate with Others

Jacquelyn Sherrard
Children's Literature Throughout the Kindergarten Curriculum

Kathy Buggs and Angela D. Taylor
Extending Third-Grade and Student Literacy Experiences with Take-Home Backpacks and Classroom Centers

Janna H. Tipton
Storybook Character Dramatizations
Robin P. Willis
Will Reading Science-Based Literature Help High School Students Develop Prior Knowledge in Order to Comprehend Science Textbook Concepts?

Paula E. White
Expanding Definitions: A Study of the Role of Electronic Books in the Literacy Process

Jacqueline K. Wells
Student Talk: Achieving Quality, Self-Directed Discourse

Migdalia Pagan
Biliteracy—Which Program Is the Best Approach?

Jane S. Medina
The Effects of Integration on the English Reading of Second Language Learners

Susan E. Israel
Using Picture Books with Older Readers

Susan King Fullerton
Using Read Alouds and Literature Discussions to Promote Language and Literacy Growth in Kindergarten

Nancy R. DeCou
Focusing on Individual Needs During Group Instruction in a Title I Pull-Out Program
Janice K. Detrie
Can Phonemic Awareness Training in Kindergarten Prevent Reading Disabilities in First Grade?

Beth Muntzinger and Lynne Bercaw
Integrating Classroom Instruction with Reading Recovery

Kimberly Tedesco, Gala Kmack, Carol Ann Burgner, and Sue Hens
Inquiry About Integration Across the Curriculum

Mary A. Knuck
Writing From the Inside Out: The Seven Traits of Quality

Reva Cowan
Journey to Literacy Instruction: What Informs Teachers' Instructional Knowledge?

Mary J. Killian-Munro
The Books First-Grade Students Take Home for Home Reading and Parent "Thoughts" on Such Books

Sandy E. Kaser
Exploring Kid Culture Within a Classroom Context: Looking at Children's Dialogue About Literature

Kathy Highfield
The Role of Discussion in Literacy Learning

Zoe Donoahue
Giving Children Control: Helping Children to Initiate and Sustain Discussions After Teacher Read Alouds

Nancy Baumann
Trip-Time: The Impact of a Daily Self-Selected Reading Period on Middle School Students' Attitudes Toward Reading and Their Reading Skills
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