IRA Maryann Manning Outstanding Volunteer Service Award

The IRA Maryann Manning Outstanding Volunteer Service Award is a nonmonetary award given annually to four (4) dedicated volunteers within North America and one (1) dedicated volunteer outside of North America.

Submission deadline: extended until January 15, 2015

IRA Maryann Manning Outstanding Volunteer Service Award Application

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Award Recipients

Within North America
Ruth Farrar

Within North America
Anne Waschuk

B.A. B. Ed., M. Ed. Certified Reading Clinician: attended and presented many workshops over the years to teachers, locally, nationally, and internationally. Taught Reading/ literacy courses in all three Universities in Manitoba, Canada. Over the years worked with students who were experiencing difficulty in reading, writing, and organization. Mentored University students who were training to be Literacy Special Needs teachers or "Reading Clinicians". An IRA member since 1982.
Outside North America
Ulla-Britt Persson

Primary school teacher. Lecturer and Teacher educator since 1980 at Linköping University, Sweden. Ph D in 1994 title: 'Reading for Understanding'. Director of post-graduate studies 2000-2004. Worked in TE programs in Tanzania and Romania (for the university). Volunteer in the SEA-project in Macedonia (through IRA). Member of IRA since the mid-1970's. Board-member of Swedish Council of IRA (SCIRA) since 1979, four times president. SCIRA representative of IRA International Development in Europe Committee (IDEC) 1988-2008. Secretary of IDEC 1988-1992, chairperson of IDEC 1992-94. Member of local arrangements committee for IRA World Congress in Stockholm 1990. (Nominated for IRA Board of Directors in mid-1990 but not elected). Head of arrangements committee for 8th European Conference in Malmö, Sweden, 1993 and the same for 18th European Committee in Jönköping, Sweden, 2013. Presenter at several European and Nordic Conferences, at IRA Annual Conferences and World Congresses

Outside North America

North America

Barbara Klebanow
Rockland County, New York

Paul L. Haupt
El Paso, Texas

Outside North America

Serge Terwagne
Namur, Belgium

North America

Dr. Jo Anne Raiford Bryant
Troy, Alabama

Outside North America

Uthai Piromruen
Bangkok, Thailand


Outside North America

North America

Jean Klein, Newtown,
Nancy Fox,
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Randall Kincaid,
Seymour, Tennessee
Glenda Nugent
Little Rock, Arkansas


Outside North America

Nea Stewart-Dore
Queensland, Australia

North America

Julie Agard
Kearney, Nebraska
Judith Casey
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Shirley Choo
British Columbia, Canada
Mary Ellen Skidmore
Whispering Pines, North Carolina
Outside North America:

Heather Bell
Auckland, New Zealand

North America
Dennis Hickey
Maupin, Oregon
Vickie Manus
Clarksville, Tennessee
Pamela Nelson
DeKalb, Illinois
Andrea F. Rosenblatt
Miami, Florida
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