IRA John Chorlton Manning Public School Service Award

This award, established in 2004, honors and carries on the work of Professor John Chorlton Manning. The award is intended to encourage and support the improvement of public education by recognizing the importance of integrating teacher preparation, professional development, and related research with the work of public schools, classrooms, teachers, and students.

The IRA John Chorlton Manning Public School Service Award is open to college- and university-based teacher educators with a record of effective preparation of reading teachers and graduate students. Professors of reading education who have demonstrated their commitment to public education and who spend significant time working with public school teachers and their students in classrooms demonstrating effective approaches and techniques shown to improve reading instruction are eligible.

This award is no longer available. For more information, please contact the Executive Office.

Award Recipients

Kouider Mokhtari

KOUIDER MOKHTARI, Interdisciplinary Ph.D., (Ohio University, 1987) serves as the Anderson-Vukelja-Wright Endowed Professor at The University of Texas at Tyler, where he engages in research, teaching, and service initiatives aimed at advancing literacy instruction and increasing students' literacy achievement outcomes. His research focuses on the acquisition of language and literacy by first and second language learners, with particular emphasis on children, adolescents, and adults who can read but have difficulties understanding what they read.

Kouider's research has been featured in various literacy research and practice journals. His co-authored book "Preparing Every Teacher to Reach English Learners" (Harvard Education Press) received the 2013 American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Outstanding Book Award. For the past few years, he has served as a member of IRA's Conference Program Committee, and co-chaired IRA's Literacy & English Learners Committee.
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Diane Lapp, EdD
Diane Barone
Denise Johnson
Karen A. Smith
D. Ray Reutzel
Judith A. Scott
JoBeth Allen
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