Volunteer as a Program Reviewer for IRA/NCATE

IRA is seeking qualified individuals to join a unique group of professionals who review reading teacher education programs for IRA/NCATE national recognition. Individuals work with experienced, professional colleagues to review reading programs online through NCATE’s Program Review System (prs). Reviewing programs is a good way to learn more about measuring effects on student learning and developing rubrics.

We are looking for professors with expertise and qualifications in any of the following areas: teaching, administration, teacher education, research and/or evaluation; three or more years of teaching or other related experience in pre-K–grade 12 reading and literacy education; knowledge about interpretation of data, performance-based assessment, use of rating scales and rubrics, and analysis of written information; familiarity with IRA’s Standards for Reading Professionals. You must have a current membership in IRA to qualify for this service opportunity.

Those interested in program review must complete an application form online. Applicants will be notified of their status once all information has been forwarded to IRA. In addition reviewers must attend a workshop and ensure that they provide clear and consistent reviews of all programs submitted to IRA and are kept of abreast of changes in the submission and review process. 


The accreditation process is, by nature, sensitive; objectivity and credibility are essential. The purpose of IRA’s Code of Conduct is to prevent conflict of interest and unethical behavior by IRA representatives. All persons representing IRA shall conduct themselves at all times as thoughtful, competent, well prepared, and impartial professionals. It is expected that all reviewers follow IRA’s Code of Conduct.

Benefits of program review

There are many benefits to serving as program reviewer for IRA. Program reviewers strengthen the preparation of reading teacher candidates, get ideas for their own programs, expand their portfolio, contribute to the growth of the profession, participate in workshops at national conferences, experience professional growth opportunities, meet other educators across the nation, and engage in dialogue with colleagues about current issues that impact their program and the profession.

One defining trait of a true professional is giving back—get involved!

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