The mission of the International Reading Association is to promote reading by continuously advancing the quality of literacy instruction and research worldwide.


Professional Development

Enhance the professional development of reading educators worldwide

  • Organize and support IRA Councils and Affiliates as networks of reading educators
  • Promote a broad view of literacy
  • Help educators to improve the quality of literacy instruction through publications and conferences
  • Prepare educators to assume different roles as reading professionals
  • Provide leadership in the continuously changing nature of reading in a digital age


Advocate for research, policy, and practices that support the best interests of all learners and reading professionals

  • Foster life-long literacy habits
  • Promote high quality teacher and student learning to improve reading instruction
  • Keep policy makers informed about IRA’s positions
  • Develop policy and position statements
  • Provide members with background information and resources
  • Collaborate with national and international policy makers


Establish and strengthen national and international alliances with a wide range of organizations

  • Work with governmental, nongovernmental, and community agencies; businesses, industries, and donors
  • Develop and support IRA councils and affiliates around the world
  • Collaborate with a range of partners on long-term efforts to improve literacy


Encourage and support research to promote informed decision-making about reading practice and policy.

  • Support needed research on key literacy issues
  • Communicate research results through conferences and publications
  • Contribute to establishing a research agenda
  • Provide recognition for exemplary literacy research

Global Literacy Development

Provide leadership on literacy issues around the world

  • Advance literacy education in all nations
  • Promote coherent and sustainable literacy initiatives informed by local literacy leaders
  • Promote reading and writing as lifelong habits and endeavors

IRA Board Commitment

The IRA Board is committed to

  1. Managing the Association in a manner consistent with the mission and accepted standards for a non-profit organization;
  2. Providing valued services to individual members, councils, and affiliates, leading to high levels of member satisfaction;
  3. Maintaining and following a strategic plan;
  4. Following established procedures to obtain the input of members, councils and affiliates on key issues;
  5. Ensuring the financial viability of the organization;
  6. Requiring indicators of progress and accountability for sponsored initiatives;
  7. Being forward-looking with respect to digital tools for communication.

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