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IRA Insights

Literacy leaders offer their perspectives on issues of interest to reading professionals and policymakers.

  • Gambrell, Marinak, and Malloy on motivation to read  
    Distinguished educators and researchers Linda Gambrell, Barbara Marinak, and Jacquelynn Malloy on the important topic of motivation to read.
    podcast | book
  • Strickland on early literacy  
    Dorothy Strickland describes critical aspects of literacy development among young learners.
    podcast | book
  • Frey on gradual release of responsibility
    As part of a new multimedia column in JAAL, Doug Fisher interviews Nancy Frey about modeling, disciplinary literacy, and other aspects of gradual release of responsibility.
    podcast | article
  • Rasinski on reading fluency  
    Timothy Rasinski discusses the importance of reading fluency and outlines the Fluency Development Lesson (FDL).
    podcast | FDL outline | book
  • Lapp and Fisher on comprehension instruction  
    Diane Lapp and Douglas Fisher talk about comprehension instruction, from its history to current issues in critical literacy and the impact of digital text.
    podcast | book
  • Graves on vocabulary instruction
    Michael F. Graves discusses vocabulary instruction and the selection of words to teach.
    podcast | references | book
  • Afflerbach on assessment
    Peter Afflerbach comments on how classroom assessment, not NCLB-mandated testing, should influence teaching
    | book
  • Allington on RTI
    Richard Allington discusses research-supported models for early reading intervention
    | book
  • Cassidy on what's hot in reading
    Jack Cassidy traces the 12-year history of his annual survey of literacy leaders to determine what’s hot or should be hot in the field of reading
  • Fisher, Frey, and Lapp on modeling during shared reading
    Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Diane Lapp draw on observations of expert teachers to discuss how modeling can improve reading and content knowledge across grade levels.
    | book
  • Moje on literacy in the subject areas
    Elizabeth Moje discusses her ideas for a new approach to disciplinary literacy instruction at the middle and high school levels (Please note: this is a large podcast file and it may take a few minutes to download)
    | article

Class Acts: Ideas for Teaching Reading and Writing

Looking for research-based, classroom-tested teaching ideas? Find what you need for your K–12 students right here.

  • Creating a home reading program  
    Motivate kids and involve parents in an effective at-home reading program to supplement classroom activities
    | book
  • Teaching vocabulary in middle and high school  
    Research and theory support key ideas about word learning for adolescents
    | article | research base
  • Writing to learn across the curriculum  
    Writing strategies help upper elementary and middle school students with reading comprehension
    | article | research base
  • Phonics through shared reading
    Rimes, onsets, and reading aloud help K–3 children with phonics
    | article | research base | 37 rimes
  • Teaching key vocabulary
    Identifying and teaching important words in a text assists with comprehension for intermediate and upper elementary students
    | article | research base | lesson plan
  • Understanding the big idea
    Thinking about the important ideas in texts can help reading comprehension
    | article | research baserecommended children’s books
  • Supporting struggling adolescent readers
    Teachers and tutors can use these ideas to engage middle and high school students
    | article | research base

Chatting About Books

At the website of ReadWriteThink.org, a joint project of IRA and the National Council of Teachers of English, you'll find Chatting About Books. This monthly podcast features conversations with kids, parents, teachers, and authors about reading and learning from great children's books.

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