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"Flood, Fast, Focus" Integrated Vocabulary Instruction in the Classroom

Camille L.Z. Blachowicz, James F. Baumann, Patrick C. Manyak,
& Michael F. Graves

Vocabulary instruction has re-emerged as a hot topic in literacy education, especially in light of renewed focus on vocabulary development in the Common Core State Standards. The Multifaceted Comprehensive Vocabulary Program (MCVIP) summarized in this article offers a new way to plan vocabulary instruction—with a catchy mantra of “Flood, Fast, and Focus.”

Here you’ll find a practical road map for teaching vocabulary throughout the day, including guidance on choosing words to teach; suggestions for providing students with rich and varied language experiences; a process for teaching specific vocabulary;  activities for developing students’ independent word learning strategies; and ideas for stimulating and developing word consciousness.

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Integrated Vocabulary Instruction in the Classroom

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