Quiet! Teacher in Progress

  • Bring New Energy to Your Springtime Classroom

    Turn spring fever into a new beginning.
  • Bust the Long Winter Slog

    The March slog to spring is on.
  • Coaching Balance in the Classroom

    Teachers are juggling so many strategies and theories, wouldn't you rather have a partner?
  • Work Smarter By Making Them Work Harder

    They say work smarter, not harder. Part of that is making your students work.
  • Don't Let Common Core Take the Love Out of Reading

    Trusted friends and admired colleagues have said their reading instruction feels tedious, overly challenging for students, and less fun.
  • There’s Always Time for the Joy of Reading

    Just as we make time to read, we have to give students a chance to pleasure read.
  • Focus on What Matters and Don’t Make It Insurmountable

    To mark the release of Be Fabulous: The Reading Teacher’s Guide to Reclaiming Your Happiness in the Classroom, Jennifer Scoggin, a.k.a. Mrs. Mimi, shares her advice for how to take a step back and remember what’s important.
  • Getting to Know Them: What Kind of Readers are Your Students?

    One of the best parts of our job is getting to hang out with a lot of really cool kids all day.  I know sometimes they might forget their homework, or start a fight or, hey, even poop in their pants, but aside from all that most of them they are pretty fabulous.
  • Quiet! Teacher in Progress: Free Your Mind

    Back-to-school is a wonderful time to reflect on what works for you as a teacher as well as what you would like to do differently this year.
  • Classroom May Be Out of Sight, It's Never Out of Mind

    One of my favorite things about teachers is that if you ask most teachers what their plans are for the summer, many of them will say, “Reading!” Okay. Most teachers will say “sleeping late” and then they will say, “reading,” but you get what I mean, right?
  • Tech in the Process, Not Just the Product

    If you are wondering what Digital Learning Day commemorates, let me fill you in. Digital Learning Day promotes giving every child the opportunity to learn and grow in a dynamic digital environment every day. Every. Day. Translation? Asking kids to “type up” one piece of writing a year is no longer enough.
  • Resolve to Own Your Fabulous

    Happy New Year, everyone! (Although, really, I see the world through the eyes of a teacher and therefore firmly think of the “new year” as starting in September, but we can roll with convention a bit, can’t we?) How are you doing on making (and keeping) those resolutions? Broke one already? Have yet to come up with one? Well, I have an idea to add to the list. You ready? Stop self-bullying.
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