Plugged In

  • Living in the Land of “What If…?”

    Julie Ramsay asks important questions as the summer begins.
  • Adventures Until the End

    Using "Choose Your Own Adventure" for Multi-Standard Assessment.

  • Build a Book Buffet

    Whet your students' appetites with a book tasting.
  • Celebrating Successes, Big and Small

    Student praise can be more than a gold star.
  • Collaboration: Setting the Stage for Success

    Equip students with the tools they need for positive collaboration.
  • New 'Toys' for Your Students’ Publishing Toolbox

    Julie Ramsay has some new places on the web for you to visit in the new year.
  • PBL: Many Paths, One Destination

    Julie Ramsay shares four strategies she uses for PBL in her classroom.
  • Social Media Can be as Valuable as Pencils in the Classroom

    Many teachers, parents, and administrators are afraid of the potential dangers associated with social media. Are there potential dangers associated with social media? Yes. However, do we ban scissors and physical education classes because there is a potential of danger? No. Within the safety of our classroom walls, we teach students safe practices until those practices become habits. That is also what we need to do with our students and social media.
  • What Will You Do Differently?

    There are two major areas in the world of the classroom where a strong foundation paves the way to a smooth and productive year: communication and getting to know our students.  I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you some of the strategies, practices, and tools I will be using in the upcoming school year in order to kick off the school year right.
  • Just Because We Can, Should We?

    We see things claiming to make our educator lives easier and make learning more fun for learners. However, just because we can bring that technology into our classrooms, does it necessarily mean that it will do a better job at supporting student learning?
  • Confessions of an Avid Conference Participant

    As one who has the opportunity to participate in multiple conferences a year, I often get asked about how I prepare to get the most out of the short time I have at each one.
  • Through the Pages: Digital Journeys, Connections, and Communities

    At the beginning of the school year, I had several students who asked if they could stay in the classroom with me so that they could read. That very quickly led to all of them being engaged in a discussion of the books that they were reading...
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