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New Reading Today Magazine Launches

September 6, 2011
Beginning with the August/September 2011 issue, Reading Today is no longer a newspaper. It is now a magazine with two components: the Reading Today print magazine (with an interactive digital version) and the Reading Today Online website. 

The print component includes the 48-page, glossy Reading Today magazine which is mailed to members bi-monthly. It follows the same schedule as the newspaper did, with issues in August/September, October/November, December/January, February/March, April/May, and June/July. Online only members can view an interactive digital version of the latest print issue on the web. 

Reading Today Online is updated daily with articles on the following topics: Articles on Reading Today Online are divided into six topics: Teaching Literacy, Children’s Literature, Councils & SIGs, Research & Grants, Legislation & Policy, and Member News. You can access articles one at a time by clicking on their links, or you can view all of the articles of a certain topic by clicking on that topic name. You can also view all of the articles in a list, shown in reverse-chronological order. If you especially enjoy a certain article, click on the sharing links at the bottom of its webpage. There are links to Facebook, Twitter, and more, as well as a link to share the article URL via email. Some articles even have “discuss on Engage” buttons that allow members to login to chat with other members about topics covered in the articles. 

Why did we make these changes? First, we changed it to create a better value for IRA members. The dual channel approach lets us to flow more information to you over the course of the year. Second, IRA’s current strategic plan calls for increased internal and external communication. We have spent months connecting with members, councils, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), the board of directors, IRA staff, and more to create an open dialogue among literacy professionals. Finally, we need to realign our communications to account for the impact of new media and digital technologies. 

“The magazine is designed for longer, deeper reads, while online articles are short and often time-sensitive,” says Director of Strategic Communications Dan Mangan. Online articles also include more references to websites and other online reading resources. Reading Today Online contains some articles from the print magazine, but most of the printed content is for IRA members only.  

We are always looking for new story ideas. Click here to read the submission guidelines, and contact readingtoday@reading.org if you have questions. 

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