5 Questions With...

  • 5 Questions With…Connie Schofield-Morrison and Frank Morrison ('I Got the Rhythm')

    Connie Schofield-Morrison and Frank Morrison have teamed up for the first time to capture the rhythm of the neighborhood.
  • 5 Questions With… Anne Ursu ('The Real Boy')

    It's my goal to write characters that readers can really identify with and feel for. I think that emotional connection is really important to middle grade; readers of this age are so empathetic.
  • 5 Questions With…Deborah Jo Larson (ONE FROZEN LAKE)

    What a year you have had! Tell us about your recent life experiences since publishing your first picture book, ONE FROZEN LAKE. What have been some of the highlights as a first-time children’s author?
  • 5 Questions With... Edcamp Foundation's Dan Callahan

    Edcamp is participant-driven professional development following the unconference model. Instead of the traditional top-down model where somebody organizing the PD determines which things people can learn about, the agenda at an Edcamp is designed by the participants at the beginning of the event.
  • 5 Questions With… Donalyn Miller

    Susan Kelley, my colleague, and I decided that surveying the reading habits of adults who read avidly would give teachers an accurate, robust portrait of how lifelong readers behave and offer insight into how these habits could be fostered and supported in young readers.
  • 5 Questions With... Seymour Simon

    Good writing is essential for any text, fiction or nonfiction. Too often we expect nonfiction to be “the player to be named later” in terms of quality. We expect good fiction to be “good” because of the excellence of the way a story is told; why shouldn’t we expect the same with nonfiction?
  • 5 Questions With… Kate Sullivan (ON LINDEN SQUARE)

    Can you tell us about its path from draft to published picture book?

    The real-life story of the blizzard on Linden Square rattled around in my head for almost 20 years. It wasn’t until I enrolled in the ‘How to Create a Picture Book Dummy’ course...
  • 5 Questions With... Richard Bernstein (A GIRL NAMED FAITHFUL PLUM)

    What would you identify as the special element or trait that enabled a young girl to have such resolute determination? Mainly it was will power, tremendous will power. Zhongmei came from a poor place where it was expected that people would have to "eat bitterness," as the Chinese put it, in order to survive, so she never expected things to be easy.
  • 5 Questions With… Dana Sullivan (OZZIE AND THE ART CONTEST)

    Dana Sullivan was the Creative Director at Costco Wholesale for 16 years until he realized he wasn’t being all that creative, so he quit to become a full-time writer and illustrator of children’s books. He teaches illustration classes, is a volunteer cartoonist at 826 Seattle and is the Assistant Regional Advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators of Western Washington.
  • 5 Questions With... J.M. Bedell

    J.M. Bedell is a nonfiction writer and the author of several books for young readers, including SO, YOU WANT TO BE A CHEF?, FINDING COURAGE: HISTORY’S YOUNG HEROES AND THEIR AMAZING DEEDS, COMBATING TERRORISM, TEENS IN PAKISTAN and HILDUR, QUEEN OF THE ELVES. She is also a ghost writer of nonfiction books and web articles, as well as a writer and editor for other nonfiction projects like company training manuals.
  • 5 Questions With... Esther Berg

    Esther Rege Berg is the vice president of stakeholder initiatives for America’s Promise Alliance where she focuses on special projects and coordinates communications with partners, communities, funders and other audiences, as well as edits America’s Promise newsletters. She also leads the Communications Advisory Group, a body of high-level communications professionals, representing America’s Promise Alliance partners.
  • 5 Questions With... Alma Flor Ada (YES! WE ARE LATINOS)

    Alma Flor Ada Professor Emerita of the University of San Francisco is a visionary educator, and prolific author of numerous award-winning children´s books: THE GOLD COIN (Christopher Award); UNDER THE ROYAL PALMS (Pura Belpré Medal); DEAR PETER RABBIT (Parent´s Honor), MY NAME IS MARÍA ISABEL; DANCING HOME; LOVE,AMALIA, I LOVE SATURDAYS Y DOMINGOS (Notable Books for a Global Society List) as well as of A MAGICAL ENCOUNTER: LATINO LITERATURE IN THE CLASSROOM and AUTHORS IN THE CLASSROOM: A TRANSFORMATIVE EDUCATION PROCESS, co-authored with F. Isabel Campoy.
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