Anita's Picks

  • Anita’s Picks: Real Change in Books

    A selection of books that shows the power of change in literature.
  • Teen Reads for Middle Grades

    In honor of "Teen Reads" week, Anita Silvey picks some of her favorite books for middle readers.
  • Celebrate Independence with a Good Book

    On July 4 in the United States, we celebrate Independence Day and independence is an important characteristic of some of the great characters in children’s books. To round out Fourth of July barbeques, I’ve chosen a dozen picture books, novels, and works of nonfiction that celebrate individuals who know what it means to stand on their own.
  • Books for Black History Month

    Since 1976, February has been set aside as Black History Month, encouraging teachers to focus on this topic in the classroom. Fortunately, there are excellent books at each reading level that help tell the story of African American achievement.
  • Future Classics for Your Classroom

    Like every publishing year, 2013 brought some glorious new books for readers. On the Children’s Book-a-Day Almanac, I always like to remind readers of the classics, the books we shouldn’t forget. But here are some new titles that I think are good enough to become classics in the future.
  • Anita's Picks: Children Love Graphic Novels!

    The last five years in children’s books could be called the age of the graphic novel. Young readers have responded with joy and enthusiasm to this format. Whether it’s the best-selling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series or some of the books listed below, they find the combination of text, art, and story irresistible.
  • Anita's Picks: The Children Have Chosen

    From May 13-19, 2013 we mark our longest running event in the children’s book world—Children’s Book Week. First celebrated in 1919, the week is administered by the Children’s Book Council; every year they provide posters and bookmarks for teachers to use.
  • The Season for Love

    On Valentine’s Day we pause to think about love. Well, there are many kinds of love, and only some of them romantic. Every day in cyberspace, I post a love letter to a book and author on the Children’s Book-a-Day Almanac.
  • Anita's Picks: Tops of 2012 in Picture Books, Novels, and Nonfiction

    This has been a great year for children’s books. On the Children’s Book-a-Day Almanac, I’ve been able to look at some fabulous titles in picture books, novels, and nonfiction. Below, I’ve listed a dozen 2012 books that work well in the classroom—or even as holiday gifts!
  • Girl Power: Top Picks for Women's Equality Day

    During the recent Olympics, many observers commented on the incredible display of American girl power at the events. Over the years children’s books have supplied a lot of portraits of strong girls and women. In honor of Women’s Equality Day on August 26, here is a list of books that showcase “girl power” from The Children’s Book-a-Day Almanac.
  • Anita's Picks for World Read Aloud Day

    This year, we celebrate World Read Aloud Day on March 7th. This relatively new holiday gives those in the classroom a time to emphasize both the joy of reading aloud and of discovering different cultures and worlds. For World Read Aloud Day on the Children’s Book-a-Day Almanac, I recommend the books of German writer Cornelia Funke.
  • Anita's Picks: Top Nonfiction (organized by era)

    The Children’s Book-A-Day Almanac celebrated its first year at the end of October. During this time I have presented many superb narrative nonfiction books. Narrative nonfiction develops a cast of characters; it tells a story. But it also appeals to those children who want to read “just the facts!” Here are a dozen of the best offerings from this year.
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