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    Reclaiming the Classroom With Engaged Reading

    Bring reluctant readers in with authentic engagement.

    • Research & Practice, Our Take

    Reading Research Inspires Summer Book Bus

    Abington Elementary School slowed the summer slide with a summer book bus.

    • Ask a Researcher

    Bringing Low Reading Achievement Into Focus

    How can educators help low-achieving readers after third grade?
    • Research & Practice, Our Take

    Part Two: When Texts Are Too Complex

    Part two of two blogs on what to do when text complexity stymies students.

    • Research & Practice, Our Take

    What's a Teacher to Do When a Complex Text is Too Difficult for Some Readers?

    Part one of two about the challenges of text complexity.

    • Scintillating Studies

    Never Underestimate the Power of Popular Culture

    Engaging with movies, video games, and the like can be a powerful classroom tool.
    • Policy Monitor

    U.S. Dept of Ed Calls for Strong Home/School Connection

    Nell K. Duke by Nell K. Duke
    University of Michigan
    November 20, 2014

    The U.S. Department of Education launched an initiative to strengthen family and community engagement practices in U.S. schools.

    • Scintillating Studies

    Hidden Strengths of Emerging Bilingual Readers

    In a recent study, children who appeared to have minimal comprehension of English texts when they were required to discuss these texts in English, revealed rich comprehension when they were allowed to talk about the texts using their native Spanish.
    • Ask a Researcher

    Should we be teaching 100 sight words to kindergartners?

    Research shows that drilling sight words with kindergartners is not nearly as successful as teaching them in text, particularly rhyming text.
    • Ask a Researcher

    What is Your Advice for Getting the School Year Off to a Good Start?

    The beginning of the school year is an exciting time, however, the first few days of school involve more than just fun icebreakers and syllabi creation.
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