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In Other Words

  • Develop a New Attitude about PD

    In schools around the world, teachers and administrators are participating in professional development. It is a term beginning to be thrown around lightly. “I think I am going to take off Friday so I can skip PD.” “The students have the day off so we can attend yet another pointless professional development.” Although professional development is aimed towards improving teaching practices, some teachers see PD as a common time where teachers can catch up on grading papers, check their emails, or use the time to scroll their cell phones to see the latest trends in social media.
  • Growing a Love for Reading: It's Never Too Early

    Last week, the American Academy of Pediatrics released an important policy statement, "Literacy Promotion: An Essential Component of Primary Care Pediatric Practice," reiterating what reading teachers have known for a long time: Reading regularly with young children builds language, literacy, and social-emotional skills that last a lifetime.

  • Motivation, Gratitude, Interventions, and a Yellow Lab

    I will be forever grateful to Danny Dog for motivating many of my first grade friends to want to read and write. The Danny series was one of the best investments our district purchased as an intervention/motivating choice for my first grade classroom library.
  • Alpha Upsilon Alpha: Cultivating Scholars and Developing Leaders

    Four inspiring educators show how an IRA Alpha Upsilon Alpha chapter enriches their doctoral candidate experience with opportunities for scholarship, leadership, and service.
  • Dyslexia: An Ounce of Prevention...

    I recently read an article that suggested that children are not learning disabled until they attend school and fail to adequately learn to read and write. The author referred to this as "school-induced learning disabilities."
  • How Ideas Become Books (and Trash Became a School!)

    As a nonfiction children's author I'm often asked, "How do you find new book ideas?" Students are usually surprised when I explain I don't have to look for book ideas—they find me!
  • First-Time Attendee Pens an Open Letter to Those Not Able to Attend IRA 2014

    This was my first year at the IRA conference. There are a lot of reasons why I didn't go before, but, mostly, there was this: it felt like a lot of money, and I didn't know anyone else who was going.
  • Maximizing Your Conference Experience

    You’re off to a big conference and you know it’s gonna kick butt! Great speakers, diverse workshops, lots of people geeking out over things you yourself love to geek out about.
  • Engage Students (and Entertain Them a Little, too!)

    "I am not here to entertain students. I am here to teach them to learn specific content and skills," commented a teacher in a workshop we were conducting. Imagine her surprise when we agreed with her!
  • Listening In: The Impact of Adolescent Lit in Teacher Research

    I do not remember how many times I have been hit in the head, but a good round of Primus Hoops allows the voices of my students to rise above the everyday angst and annoyances many teens typically articulate.
  • Let's Talk about Books, Baby: The Beauty of Book Clubs

    Seeking to attract all kinds of readers: eager readers, aliterate readers, reluctant readers, readers stuck in one genre, and even adult readers? Try a Choices Chat or book discussion!
  • Diversity and Engaging the Reluctant Reader

    One of the greatest challenges for a reluctant reader is being able to become engaged in the story. When the reluctant reader cannot identify with a story or cannot relate to its characters, they quickly disengage.