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  • Gifted and Dyslexic: Twice Exceptional

    Sometimes students are pegged into a category, maybe "gifted" or "dyslexic." Some students are both.
  • 'Gifted' Takes Different Forms in the Classroom

    There is more than one way in which students are "gifted."
  • How Project-Based Approaches in Literacy Could Go Terribly Wrong (Or Powerfully Right)

    Project-based education has lots of potential for literacy development, but also potential pitfalls.

  • Innovative School Program Highlights PBL

    Quest@GHS is an innovative high school program utilitzing project-based learning to foster critical thinking.
  • Let IRA Be Your Guide Through a Loud Public Debate

    At IRA, we believe our job is to convene the collegial dialogue and the debate in a way that ultimately informs good practice for inclusion in education policy.
  • The 'Maker Movement' Has a Place in All Disciplines

    This maker movement isn’t necessarily something new, I have allowed my students to play and tinker with reading and writing.
  • Do We Underestimate the Power of the Story?

    Some have reading issues, while others have issues with what they're reading.
  • Book Challenge Procedures: Recipes are Intended to be Followed

    One of the best safeguards against censorship is having a policy and procedure—a recipe—in place for almost any situation.
  • Learning Through Serving the Community

    Service-learning is a way of learning with the head, the heart, and hands—a learning that transforms students.
  • Justin Stygles: Light the Fire in Your Students' Eyes

    We shape the future—that is about as tried and true as clichés can be, but it’s very true. As we all prepare to start school again, from Mass Customized Learning to Units of Study to Teacher Evaluation Frameworks, there is one thing that never changes above all else. Are the students ready to come back and are they excited to have YOU as their teacher?
  • Hard-Copy Graphic Novels Are Vital for ESL Students

    The spread of apps on so-called ‘smartphones’ and other slightly larger handheld devices have enabled readers to view and read massive amounts of content online. But what about adolescent English language learners (ELLs), especially those emigrating and or fleeing from much poorer societies?
  • Teacher Leaders Drive Change

    The approach to public education is in the biggest reform ever. With Learning Focused Schools, Direct Instruction model, baseline data, teacher performance pay, Multi-Tiered System of Supports, and more, it is more important than ever to have the support of the people whom these reform efforts impact the most, the classroom teacher.
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