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Teaching Tips

  • Letting Students Sort It Out

    Students who play a major role in classroom libraries get to practice persuasive argument and organization.
  • Super Core! Helps Students Embrace Writing Time

    Renee Dryer was able to use the book Super Core! to help her students fall in love with writing.
  • Using PBL Within 'The Standards'

    New educational standards make instructional demands. Using Project-Based Learning is a great way to follow through with units.
  • Super Practical Project-Based Learning Ideas

    Some tips and leads on incorporating PBL in the classroom.
  • Synthesizing and Sharing Through ThingLink

    ThingLink helps create interactive charts for student presentations.
  • Putting the STEM in ILD

    The ILD 60-for-60 challenge was a great STEM springboard for a North Carolina teacher.
  • Dyslexia: When Spelling Matters

    Hearing a booth next to me at a dyslexia conference, I thought there was just "another program" for dyslexic students. I learned more two days later and it changed everything.
  • Building A Strong Foundation on Vocabulary and Making it Fun

    Classes can compete with students around the world in a race for the largest vocabulary.
  • The ILD Challenge—Halfway There

    One early learning teacher is tracking her students' adventure with the ILD Challenge online.
  • Note-Taking for Digital Writing

    Note taking is an important skill, and is included in the Common Core Anchor Standards for Writing under “Research to Build and Present Knowledge.”  While taking pen to notecard may be the traditional way to develop a research paper, my classroom is 1:1 Chromebooks, and I wanted a way for students to be able to work on their research outside the classroom, collaborate with peers, and not worry about losing any (or all!) of their work.
  • Keeping Communication Open Year-Round

    Now that we have subscribed to Kidblog, our teachers have access to the blogging site year-round to help acclimate our students to utilizing the blog.
  • 'You've Got Mail:' Correspondence at Its Finest

    Our future conversations evolved into something we never expected. Our students developed wonderful friendships via old fashioned pen and paper letters. Thus began the Pen Pal Project.

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