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    Two IRA Members Honored by LRA

    Nell K. Duke and Susan Neuman were recently awarded highly prestigious awards in the field of literacy.

    • International

    In Memory of a Liberian Literacy Leader

    IRA member Geri Melosh remembers a Liberian champion of literacy.
    • Conferences & Events

    #IRAChat: Appreciating the Needs of the Gifted Student

    December's #IRAChat takes on literacy and the gifted student.
    • Association News

    Bidding a Fond Farewell to the ILD Challenge

    Fitting a minute of literacy into our days wasn't easy, but it was fun.
    • Association News

    Wrapping Up Project-Based Learning Month

    The approach to public education is in the biggest reform ever. With Learning Focused Schools, Direct Instruction model, baseline data, teacher performance pay, Multi-Tiered System of Supports, and more, it is more important than ever to have the support of the people whom these reform efforts impact the most, the classroom teacher.
    • Association News

    Reading Today Online Covers PBL Month 2014

    The comprehensive list of November’s PBL-centered posts
    • Councils & SIGs

    PA Dept. of Ed Does End Run On Reading Specialist Certification

    An abrupt change in Pennsylvania's reading specialist certification triggers a forceful response from the KSRA.

    • Association News

    Literacy Paves the Path to Peace

    To be truly literate is to bring forth change and peace.
    • Association News

    Are You Wrapping Up the 60-for-60 Mission?

    IRA staff enter the last cycle of ILD 60-for-60 activities with the "best of."
    • Association News

    A Waylaid Panelist Shares His Mentor Texts

    David L. Harrison never made it to the IRA Google Hangout on Air, but he still had books to share.

    • Conferences & Events

    #IRAchat: Literacy’s Role in Project-Based Learning

    Thursday's #IRAchat will answer questions focused on literacy's role in Project-Based Learning (PBL) with experts.

    • Association News

    Stories—Small and Smaller—With the ILD 60-for-60 Mission

    Approaching the end, IRA staff continues to tell stories for the ILD Mission.
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