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  • IRA Grant, Award Deadlines Extended

    Deadlines on a selection of IRA awards and grants are extended to Jan. 15, 2015.
  • Six Words for the 60-for-60 Challenge

    The ILD challenge continues for the IRA staff with two weeks of six-word stories.
  • ILD Challenge: What Can’t You Live Without?

    IRA staffers contemplate a year "out of this world" for the ILD 60-for-60 challenge.
  • From Captain Underpants to The Hunger Games, Books Still Challenged Every Year

    Every year hundreds of books are challenged and run the risk of being banned from our libraries. The most-challenged book for two years running? Captain Underpants.
  • We’re Adding a Literacy Minute to Our Days – Are You?

    When the International Literacy Day 60-for-60 challenge was launched, asking teachers to engage their students in an extra 60 seconds of literacy-focused activities every day for 60 days, IRA wanted to get in on the fun, too.
  • Let Your Light Shine in our New 'Member Spotlight'

    Want to spotlight a colleague’s accomplishment or announce your own? In the ongoing effort to better serve our subscribers, Reading Today recently started a “Member Spotlight” section with the spotlight on—you guessed it—our members.
  • Back to School reading with IRA's Free Virtual Journal

    Read and share IRA’s free cross-journal virtual issue including articles from The Reading Teacher, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy and Reading Research Quarterly.
  • #IRA Chat: Preserving Your Passion This School Year

    The school year has gotten off the ground and there is no better time for teachers to remember why they walked into the classroom in the first place. The next #IRAchat at 8 p.m. Sept. 11 focuses on keeping the passion for teaching alive.
  • Putting the 'International' in International Literacy Day

    “Lift Off to Literacy,” is the IRA's theme for International Literacy Day 2014 on Sept. 8. Catch up on ILD events from around the world.
  • RT and JAAL Editor Searches Open

    Editor searches for The Reading Teacher and the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy are now open with an application deadline of Oct. 15.
  • #IRAChat: Starting the Year 'Literacy Strong'

    With two experts on board for the next #irachat, we will be discussing what it means to be strong in literacy and what educators can do to lay a solid foundation as the new year begins. Follow along on Twitter Aug. 14 to join the discussion and gain tips for the classroom.
  • Three New Tipsters Take Over Inspire

    The International Reading Association is always eager to give our members tips and tricks for the classroom and for their own development. Our monthly e-newsletter, Inspire, is one of the tools we use to share best practices. In our efforts to keep the voice and advice found in Inspire fresh, we have invited three new voices to contribute to the newsletter and are excited to share their expertise in the coming year.
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